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November 6th, 2023: Bahnhofskolloquium II 2023/2024: The Swiss Climate Ordinance - new reporting and actuarial challenges, Swiss Association of Actuaries, Zurich
November 22nd, 2023: Stamm Quantitatif Basel

December 4th, 2023: Bahnhofskolloquium III 2023/2024: Price walking, demand modeling and price elasticities - between theory and regulation, Swiss Association of Actuaries, Zurich
December 7th, 2023: qx-Club Zürich: Menschen fragen, Maschinen antworten - Wie kann man komplexe Modelle erklären?, Zurich

January 8th, 2024: Bahnhofskolloquium IV 2023/2024: Rückstellungen in der Krankenversicherung nach VVG, Swiss Association of Actuaries, Zurich

February 5th, 2024: Bahnhofskolloquium V 2023/2024: Market Data and Market Risk Modeling, Swiss Association of Actuaries, Zurich

May 6, 2024: Bahnhofskolloquium VIII 2023/2024: Climate change: Calibrating a life and health stress test for a regulator, Zurich

September 6-7, 2024: SAV Jahrestagung, Bern
September 13, 2024: Risk Day 2024, ETH Zurich

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